RC5 – EN

RC5 FULL FACE Track Full Face Helmet RC5 With a simple and sharp wind-breaking shape, it creates a dynamic and bloodthirsty racing experience. Combining the respective advantages of RC3 and 361GT, improving the safety factor and optimizing the aerodynamic design of the helmet, achieving weight optimization, giving birth to this racing helmet which is more …

S278 – EN

S278 OPEN FACE OPEN FACE S278 Lightweight, safer high-end carbon fiber material double lens half helmet. The S278 continues to be easy to wear and at the same time has a high safety factor of half helmet development purposes, the S278 has taken into account the protection and breathability, suitable for daily intercity travel. Multiple …

S371 – EN

S371 FULL FACE FULL FACE S371 Combining the design features of “combination of power and speed”, “continuation of the trend of the times” and “enhancement of the safety factor”, the new full helmet of the classic S series was born out of heritage. The new S371 not only inherits the classic helmet shape of the …

V73R – EN

V73R FULL FACE FULL FACE V73R This is a groundbreaking product for breakthrough, continuing the design characteristics of the previous generation of V73, such as “modern retro style” and “combination of power and speed”, creating an unparalleled elegant shape, highlighting the sense of power and speed, creating the image of speed hero. Multiple color options …

GS21 – EN

GS21 GNG Series GNG Series GS21 Tide play model electric bicycle helmet. Mainly play a variety of tide positioning, standard with built-in sunshade inside the lens, and with removable brim, unique and versatile shape, with a cooler playful appearance to impress the extreme players with avant-garde personality aesthetics, play the ultimate travel attitude. Multiple color …

GS20 – EN

GS20 GNG Series GNG Series GS20 Functional model electric bicycle helmet. Built for daily commuters commuting, colorful and friendly design, suitable for morning and evening commuting, to meet the needs of day and night shade. Multiple color options Click here Sunshade inner lens, suitable for morning and evening city commute Can add a brim, more …

GS19 – EN

GS19 GNG Series GNG Series GS19 Entry model electric bicycle helmet. Helmet appearance structure simplification, the overall small and lightweight, the internal increase in air permeability and air guide slot, making it refreshing and comfortable to wear, simple and comfortable, economical and practical, it must be suitable for every consumer who has just entered the cycling …

GSB XR Conference

盔探未来 开拓无限 GSB品牌XR发布会 GSB品牌于X-TAGE举行了2022年品牌XR线下发布会,发布了多款炫酷场景和黑科技头盔产品。发布会以星空蓝为主色调,美学与科技交相辉映,给骑行爱好者带来豪华视觉盛宴。同时,1月5日在GSB头盔抖音官方直播间进行的XR线上发布会也引起了轰动,吸引了60万观看人数和900万点赞热度,多位行业大咖和时尚达人参与其中。此次发布会邀请了30多位机车时尚达人和多家行业媒体出席,共同见证了GSB品牌的新品发布。 GSB品牌致力于让人们更加从容地前行,36年来深耕实业,不断创新、实践、转型、突破。在面对“行业新变革”和“国货崛起”的机遇时,GSB始终坚持创新,将继续以“潮流+时尚”为焦点,坚持中国智造,用技术打造新国货,开启中国“盔”行时尚新元年。GSB品牌推荐官Gary表示,打造属于国人的头盔品牌一直是GSB的初心。在2023年,GSB品牌将持续发展,将骑行从一种生活方式提升到一种生活态度。 笃行致远,界限无极限 新系列GNG 新产品发布 GSB自上世纪八十年代以来推出多个销量和性能领先的自主研发产品系列。2023年,GSB推出新头盔系列,满足行业需求环境现状,以技术为核心提升产品可靠性和一致性。新品包括V73R系列、竞速赛盔RC5系列、S系列产品S-371和半盔领域的G-278系列。此外,GSB还推出了电动车头盔GNG系列,满足日常出行防护需求,打造出前卫态度和创新风格。 在发布新品时,与品牌精神相契合的明星代言人对于提高产品在市场中的认知度至关重要。GSB品牌在发布会上邀请了期待已久的品牌形象代言人吴卓羲,他带来了品牌TVC的全球首播,并在XR场景中演绎新品互动视频,创意十足。Models Catwalk Show更是将气氛推向高潮,充满爆发力的舞姿踩着鼓点引爆全场!吴卓羲的自由不设限的态度引领GSB品牌推行潮流生活新主张,一起见证GSB的前卫态度与创新风格。 品牌代言人 更多新闻 MORE NEWS

S362 – EN

S362 MODULAR Unmasking Helmet S362 Entry-level uncovered helmet, the main focus of good comfort and ultra-wide inner lens, good vision, and convenient chin structure, suitable for long-distance riding on the road and smooth terrain use. Multiple color options Click here Single-button flip cover One button to open the chin structure, open the chin without pressure; …

XP22 – EN

XP22 OFF ROAD OFF ROAD XP22 Double-lens rally helmet XP-22, ECE standard, the main balanced weight distribution, close to the panoramic coverage of the width of the inner lens, detachable brim, suitable for long-distance riding in a variety of terrain, but also suitable for commuting within the city use, belong to the multi-purpose helmet type. …

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